Judas Goats And Dieseleaters

Track List:
1. Robert Flaig.
2. Small Towns, Small Minds.
3. Killing A Co-worker.
4. Pee Wee Herman/Paul Reubens.
5. We're Drowning In It.
6. Amen.
7. Christianity As Foreign Policy.
8. United Ninety Three
9. Bastard
10. A Conflict Of Interest
11. The Wool Is Pulled
12. Guilty As Charged
13. This Ends Now

Robert Flaig.

they used to hang horse thieves, you waste of life. where do you get the balls? and how do you clear your conscience? i hope it keeps you up at night. they used to hang horse thieves. what happened to that idea? oh well. have fun in prison, asshole. dont drop the soap.

Small Towns, Small Minds.
dont yell "white power" at me you white trash piece of shit. i'm not your god damn brother. i wont stand here and watch you draw lines in the sand and divide us up by color. fuck you and your heritage. fuck your ignorant confederate culture. we're all human beings, why dont you start acting like one.

Killng A Co-worker.
wise men talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something. which one are you? i'm no sage, but i'm no fool either. now shut your mouth and do your job. because so far you havent said anything worth saying.

Pee Wee Herman/Paul Reubens
Isn't it a relief to know that even the most perfect people have flaws? Hiding secrets behind candy coated exteriors. A book with a perfect cover hiding dry rotted pages. But dont worry you goody-goody some day you will fall. Someday you will be caught pulling it in a movie theatre. Someday....you will fall.

We're Drowning In It.
drunks, wife beaters, racism, sexism, homophobia, plutocracy, beuracracy, health insurance, cancer, military spending, budget deficits, rich drug dealers, poor teachers, mass media, mass propaganda, eat, sleep, work, repeat. is no one paying attention? is no one pissed off but me? open your eyes. its all around you. open your eyes. we're drowning in it.

you're supposed to serve a higher power, but instead you serve the will of your tiny dick. a pervert of the cloth, taking cover behind the church. praying on your brothel (of alter boys). i'd love to kick the holy shit out of you "father." and the pope is no better; saying you'll be punished in heaven. imaginary justice in an imaginary afterlife. but until then, the church of molestation is in session. "suck my dick for a free ride to heaven!"

Christianity As Foreign Policy.
nothing is more destructive than the belief that god is on your side. radical muslim suicide bombers have it, and so does our president. we're all screwed. the most dangerous men in the world fighting like children over who has the better imaginary friend. grow up before someone gets their eye poked out with a nuke.

i hope a cancer claims you that stem cells could have cured. and as you're puking out your guts from chemo, and dying in your bed, i hope your god still comforts you, because due to your ban of federal funding, science can not save you. and you did it to yourself. and you'll be taking thousands more down with you, all because you equate a ball of cells in a petri dish with a conscious human being. if i ever met you without your secret service i would spit in your face.

A Conflict Of Interest.
big business and government shouldn't mix. go back to running Harkin into the ground, and take that Haliburton piece of shit with you.

The Wool Is Pulled.
force that plane to land. he doesnt need it. its not important. but get these men on the next flight out. they're friends of the family and we're thick as thieves. now force that plane to land. there's money to be had. there's favors to be paid. i dont care who has to die. the heart doesnt need to fly.

Guilty As Charged.
we bitch and bitch and bitch, but nothing ever changes. no one ever changes. and i'm just as guilty. i wish i was strong enough to leave it all behind. but its life support and i'm clinging on. fighting to breathe for myself. someday i'll pull the plug and walk away. but until that day i'll keep throwing rocks, hoping to make a dent. i'm trying. i'm failing. but i'll keep pushing on. i'm just as guilty, but i'll keep pushing on.

This Ends Now.
why dont you just whip'em out and measure dicks to find out who's the bigger man. it'll save us from your macho bullshit. let me say this in words you can understand; it's not just dancing "bro", and you're not just "going off" because you're "stoked" on some "sick" band with "crucial" breakdowns. you're not "accidentally" hitting people. but even if you are, thats like putting perfume on a pile of shit and calling it a fucking rose. i've had enough excuses. i wont eat shit anymore. This ends now.

Release Date: November 1st, 2005
Label: Black Market Activities [www.blackmarketactivities.com]
Recorded: at Headbangin Kill Your Mama Music, Louisville, KY by Chris Owens
Artwork: Paul Romano